Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ah, the beauties of revisions!

I finished my first draft a few days ago, as you know (right?), and I felt really good about it. I started doing revisions, generally minor stuff, and it was coming together. It genuinely felt like I could see the end of the tunnel. I was proud of myself, and wondered to myself why so many people found the revision process so stressful. It just seemed so easy.

Then a friend chimed in. Blasted. I was talking about my novel with one of my writing buddies, and he was getting into the story. So much so that he started asking questions. And he had to ask this one ding-blasted question, asking if I was going to tie something in to the whole thing, something I'd thought about but had rejected for many different reasons, which I voiced to him. He quickly dismissed my reasons and suggested that my story would be a bajillion times better if I added this one single element.

He was right. Ding-blast it.

So I started rethinking. I went to another of my writing buddies, he also loved the new idea and added a few more suggestions to the mix. Then I went to my alpha-reader (my wife), and she fell in love with the new direction, gave me a few more suggestions, and I was left with a rather unsettling realization.

All of these people are smarter than me. And they saw something in my story I didn't see.

Ding-blast it.

The cool thing is, though, that they were more excited about this new direction than I was. It seriously felt like some of the talks I used to have with my friends when we'd talk about LOST. We'd speculate about where the story was going, and what exactly Locke was going to do when he finally met Jacob, and so on and so on. And I realized, having fans of your work is absolutely awesome.

So, instead of a simple revision, I'm going in full blast into a rewrite. An awesome rewrite, inspired by people who love this story as much as I do. It's going to be really good, I am confident of that. But it's going to be a lot of work.

Ding-blast it.

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