Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Melia’s Miracle

I use Google Alerts to keep me abreast if any of the topics/names/locations I use in my stories comes up in the news. The other day, I got the alert about little Melia Cargill, 4 years old, who is training for a marathon. Read it here.

Did you read it? No? Go ahead, I'll wait.

You did? Ok, awesome! Then you know that she was a recipient of a kidney transplant, and she's joining the 2010 NKF US Transplant Games, right?

Good. Here's the deal, transplant stories always solicit an emotional response from me. Whether it's the movie John Q, which a lot of people didn't like, or the numerous examples on House, MD, which everybody loves, I'm a sucker for those stories. Why? Because I feel a tinge of guilt, to be honest, that I have all perfectly good working organs, yet there are over 100,000 people currently waiting to receive a transplant. In the first quarter of this year, there were less than 10,000 successful transplant operations. At that rate, by the end of this year, only 40,000 people, including children, will receive the transplant they need. And the number of those in need will continue to grow.

So, if you're like me at all, how about doing something about it? Why don't you become an organ donor? If you have some questions, check out the website for the Transplant Games above, consider it, and make a decision. You can donate to that group as well, and give them your support on Facebook and Twitter.

Who knows, maybe you can be another Melia's Miracle.

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