Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Revision: Saving your Garbage or Shining your Jewels?

Book Revision Progress: 2 Days, 15 Chapters.

I am furiously working on revising my manuscript. And I mean furious. I've already broken three bottles of grape soda and used the jagged glass as a weapon to get my dangling participles to tighten up. They don't like to listen.

There are about as many views and methods for revising a manuscript as there are published books. And I'm including E-Books in that equation. Oh yeah, that many.

Sometimes a story is so broken and jagged that the revision process is kind of like redemption. Like you're snatching your book out of the flames of rejections and covering it with your super cape.

Other times, the story isn't that bad. Revision is more polish than full on salvation.

My revision is somewhere in between. I wouldn't say the book is a pile of spaghetti, nor would I say it's a classic waiting to happen. It's cohesive, coherent, compelling, and comfortable to read. But it needs work, they all do.

So, what's my method? Well, I'm approaching the revision process as though my book is a movie and I am the full production company. The initial manuscript and the first revision are the screenplay. From there, I cast the movie, scout out settings, shoot the darn thing, then edit out the chaff. This method makes the most sense for me.

I'd be interested in hearing any of your revision techniques!

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