Sunday, September 5, 2010


I swore it would never happen to me. I was too inspired, too energized, too hard of a worker. I could push through anything, drive past all distractions, overcome all obstacles. There was absolutely no way I, of all people, would suffer from "Writer's Block."

Then it happened. I had a business trip that kept me from writing for over a week. Came back and wrote for one day, then…nothing. A whole new daily schedule started with the beginning of the new semester, new responsiblites were introduced, and my daily time budget got more cramped. Suddenly, I realized I hadn't written anything, ANYTHING! Not even a blog post, nothing!

I went in denial for a little while, I was just slumping, or simmering, or taking a much needed break. After a while, I realized that those were just excuses. I was a full-fledged subscriber of Writer's Block, and there could potentially be no turning back. How did I get here?

Well, first, I lost my momentum. I've already finished the book, I'm in the revision/rewriting stage. Not nearly as much fun as the actual creative process. Also, I lost focus. I'd forgotten why I was so passionate about this book in the first place, and slowly was cooling to the whole idea of writing. It slowly dropped in my priority list, and I finally stopped feeling like putting forth the effort it takes to write.

So, what did I do? First, corny as it sounds, I had to admit that I had a problem. I talked to my wife about it, and she more or less kicked my can into gear. Also, I re-read some of the book, not as an editor or a reviser, but as a reader. I began to remember why I love this story so much. And I decided to just have fun. I wrote without caring whether it was any good, I put my hero in a ridiculous situation for the heck of it. It made me snicker, if nothing else.

So, get out there, get into gear, and bust the block down!

Oh, and that ridiculous situation I put my hero in? It was so entertaining, I decided to keep it in the book.

Ah, the creative process.

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