Saturday, October 22, 2011

Domo Arigato, Mr. NaNoWriMo

So many of my friends are gearing up for nanowrimo, it's really exciting. For the uninformed, nanowrimo is national novel writing month, where authors feverishly work to get an epic tome completed inside of 30 days. It's quite an impressive undertaking. While I haven't officially partaken, I did use the principles of nanowrimo to complete my novel this summer, and plan my own little nanoREVmo for the next few weeks.

The danger of nanowrimo is that your focus as a writer can become more on quantity than on quality, with daily word count goals looming and forcing you to settle for subpar prose. Still, especially for writers without the first novel under their belt, nanowrimo can be an amazing benefit.

So, with that in mind, let me give you my three tips to have an effective writing month:

1. View writer's block as your dinner bell. When you're pushing your brain to churn out 100,000+ words in a month, it's going to get tired. Give yourself the occasional break, but try to push til your body demands it.

2. Flag Your Crap. You're going to right some pretty horrible pieces of literature. Don't fret over it. Flag it in your favorite word processing software so you can fix it next month. The only reason to revise as you go right now is if you screwed up your plot. So don't.

3. Cherish the feverish writing episodes. Everything else in publishing is SLOW. So, enjoy the intensity of this time, cause all slows down after this.

To writing!

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