Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blessed Be The Gatekeepers

I know, I know, non-published authors really hate the gatekeepers. All those blasted agents, editors, booksellers, and book reviewers who meticulously scruitinize every single manuscript that attempts to make it into the world of publishing. It's like they are the guards posted on the watchtowers to fend off those starving travelers attempting to enter Shangri-La. Why, oh why, can't they just be a little more merciful? Why must they make it so hard to get published?

That doesn't just apply to those going the route of traditional publishing, either. Even self-published authors have a barrier between themselves and financial success, book reviewers and distributors. No matter what, there is somebody out there you have to get around or get through if you want to see your work succeed.

And the thing is, I'm actually glad about it.

Oh sure, there are times my inner artist yells and screams about the first amendment and about censorship. There are times I groan and moan about how freaking hard it is to get anywhere in this publishing world. There are times I stare at my phone, just waiting for my agent to call and tell me that I finally can move my gamepiece one square closer to GO.

But there are a few other me's inside me that are oh-so-grateful for the gatekeepers.

1. The dad in me. I have three beautiful kids, and I am thankful that there are editors, publishers, and book reviewers out there who wade through the crap so my kids don't have to read it. I'm glad that Publishers Weekly classified Colbert's book as Non-Fiction instead of Children's Fiction. Why? Because I read it, and it's hilarious, but it isn't for kids. Thank goodness one of the guardians in their tower was awake to catch that.

2. The man of faith in me. Because of my faith, I have some standards of what I want to read and what I don't. 50 Shades of Gray falls decidedly on the list of what I don't want to read. Yet, without book reviewers, I wouldn't have known that this book was erotica. It's a best seller, for crying out loud. Thankfully, one of the guardians had there gun cocked and loaded (puns intended) and caught that before I read it.

3. The intellectual in me. Let's face it, a lot of the books that don't get picked up are drivel. Not all, definitely not all, but a lot. In fact, if you peruse some of the lesser respected self-published books, you'll see just how bad they really are. That's not a jab at self published authors, we ALL write drivel. They have the courage to put their drivel out for everyone to see. Good for them.

And thank God there are gatekeepers, so I don't have to read it.

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erin brown said...

After reading the title of this post, all that keeps playing in my head is, "for theirs is the wrath of many". Haha