Tuesday, November 5, 2013

And Fish Goes Blub, But What Do Other Authors Say? (Blurbs)

Hey, all! I've read many a post on other's websites about the excitement that comes with receiving blurbs for your book, but I have to say, words can't really express just how cool it is. Sure, my book is still a year away, but thankfully, some blurbs have been coming in and I'm so super flattered and excited!

First from the incredible Stuart Gibbs, author of Spy School and Belly Up (and you should really pick those books up, because they're top notch!):
"The Troubles of Johnny Cannon is a gripping novel, filled with great characters and big ideas. Johnny Cannon is a touching, fascinating hero with a wonderfully original voice, and through him, Isaiah Campbell tells an engrossing tale set against the backdrop of both the Civil Rights movement and the Bay of Pigs Invasion. I don't wish any more troubles upon poor Johnny, but I wouldn't mind reading another few novels with him, either."
 Wow, so amazing!

Next up is one of my favorite authors (and maybe a cousin or something. She's from Texas too, and she spent half her academic career learning music, just like I did. So, yeah, we're related. I'm claiming it.) Claire LeGrand, author of The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls and The Year of Shadows (and the super-exciting retelling of the Nutcracker coming out next year, Winterspell):
"Isaiah Campbell has given us something special with THE TROUBLES OF JOHNNY CANNON—a story of humor, mystery, and heart, of courage and friendship and what it means to be family, all told in the unforgettable voice of Johnny Cannon himself—a hero you won’t soon forget. This is a book that made me laugh and think, and had me cheering for Johnny at every turn. An ambitious and exciting read."
And finally (for now?) from KidLit MVP, Richard Peck, winner of an Edgar, the Scott O'Dell Award, and both a Newbery Honoree (for A Long Way from Chicago) and the Newbery Medalist in 2001 (for A Year Down Yonder):
"A boy with a highly original voice winces his way into the bewildering world of adults during a neglected moment in American history."
Yes, in case you were wondering, I am completely blown away and speechless. Yes, sort of like this:

Thanks to all of you and to the wonderful authors who have taken the time to read and blurb The Troubles of Johnny Cannon!

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