Thursday, December 26, 2013

So long, 2013!

Ah, the end of yet another year.

And, yes, it's been a really good one for me. I completed a MFA in Creative Writing (yeah, not a lot of people knew I was doing that), I started teaching English to a group of 9th graders (yet another thing not a lot of people knew about), and my family and I moved to a brand new location that we love incredibly.

Oh, and one other thing, of course...

Yup, my agent sold my book back in February! (If you've been around me even for fifteen seconds, you probably knew about that one.)

And many, many other great things, some of which I hope to share in the coming months. All so cool. All so good.

It makes me happy, especially when I read this post I wrote at the end of 2012 about how it had been a year that required a lot of patience.

I am so blessed and so grateful. I am super excited about 2014. I know that great things are ahead for me and for you as well.

2014! The year of Johnny Cannon!


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