Monday, March 31, 2014

English According to Johnny Cannon

The day Mrs. Buttke came into the classroom and told us we was going to start learning English, I almost dove through the window yelling, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.” After all, it was a long fought battle fellas like Patrick Henry and George Washington fought to get us free from all them English rules and regulations. And here Mrs. Buttke might as well have been wearing a red-coat, for all the grammar and spelling she was forcing us to get straight.

But, like most things, I eventually gave in to learning. Maybe because I realized that, in spite of the fact I’ve been speaking it practically my whole life, I still ain’t got everything down pat and could really stand to get my reading and writing skills a little bit better.

Ah, heck, I ain’t fooling nobody. It’s really ‘cause Martha Macker, the prettiest girl in Cullman County, gave a little cheer and asked if we was going to start conjugating verbs this year. And I ain’t exactly sure what conjugating is, but if Martha’s gonna do it, I at least want to be in the room.

Anyhow, I reckon it ain’t been so bad learning English. It’s helped me with my writing, which has helped me with my hunting quite a bit, cause I’ve gotten good enough at writing that I ain’t got no excuses any more to put off my homework except for going hunting. So I go hunting just about every day now.

Still, if I don’t want to forget none of the stuff I been learning, I probably ought to write it down and such. So I reckon I’ll start throwing some of my notes up here every once in a while and, hopefully, it’ll help you like it did me. We could really use more better hunters. The skunks are starting to breed.