Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 in Review

Well, well, well. It's that time again. Time for us all to take a long, hard look at the year that was and determine how it went and what we could have done differently. I'm going to do this differently myself. I'm going to solely use Wikipedia and my facebook to find all the events. Let's go month by month:

The year started with a bang when Latvia adopted the Euro. (I know, right?)
For me, it was a pretty big deal because I started this:
Yep, that's Queen of the Nerds, the book that is now in the hands of people who matter. ;)

Ah, yes. The Winter Olympics began to much acclaim and did not live up to the hype. Also the ebola epidemic began, mostly unnoticed, and proceeded to take over the world.
And, for me, I got the ARCs to my book, The Troubles of Johnny Cannon:
Hopefully it's neither Sochi nor Ebola. Except for the taking over the world part.

Hoo, boy. Things are really heating up now. Malaysia flight 370 disappeared and Putin annexed Crimea. This was a rather tense month in the world.
I also had my wisdom teeth extracted this month and finished the first draft of Queen of the Nerds. 

Definitely a tense month.

This was the month that 276 girls and women were abducted from a Nigerian school. Sadly, they still haven't been returned. Wow, that really sucks.
In personal news, this was the month that we announced we were moving from Albuquerque to Philadelphia. And my son looked awful dapper at a wedding.
So...I guess that's a bright point. (Man, what a bummer about the kidnapping. Okay, let's do the American thing and move past it so it doesn't bum us out any more.)

Terrorists detonated two bombs in Nigeria killing over 100 people at a marketplace and a bus station. Doggone it, this review was supposed to be fun.
Okay, okay. Let's see.
Oh, yeah. In MY life, I was a part of the Kids Author Carnival in NYC, which was my very first visit to the Big Apple, to BEA, and my first time meeting so many author friends.
Whew, emotional crisis averted. No, it hasn't? Dang it. Here's another pic:

June was a great month because it marked the opening of the World Cup and ALSO the rise of...um...ISIS...oh dear.
For me, it was my birthday month and the month we officially left Albuquerque to move to Philly.

Israel and Hamas began killing each other. A Malaysian air flight was shot down over Ukraine. This review is not going well. If I was a drinking man...
Oh, right, my life. Let's see. The first reviews for my book started rolling in, we arrived in Philadelphia, friends came and visited all month, and I found out George Washington liked my shoulder.

Woo-Hoo! America strikes back at ISIS. Go team USA!
I spoke (Really at the end of July, but it all rolled into my facebook August) at the National Fine Arts Festival. Also I put up my most watched video on youtube. So I'll post it again here:

Airstrikes began in Syria.
I got my first official copies of The Troubles of Johnny Cannon!!!!!
Yeah, things were really heating up for me. Just a few weeks until...

The Roman Catholic Church beatified Pope John Paul VI. Definitely the biggest event in my life.
Oh, wait, no that's not it.
Yeah, I got tired of putting my ugly mug on this blog, so here's my sister instead. Woot!

Philae landed on a comet. We landed a spacecraft on a freaking comet. We can do anything, people. ANYTHING. Except, you know, fix global warming, find racial equality, or keep people in authority from abusing their power. Other than that. (And all the other stuff we can't do) we can do ANYTHING.
I had my dream come true when I did an author event at Books of Wonder in NYC. I also shot a funny (at least I think it's funny) video in the process:

President Obama announced that we're finally resuming relations with Cuba after fifty years. I feel like this applies to the world AND to my book. I take full credit for this. Johnny Cannon fixed US/Cuba relations, people.
I wonder what the sequel will do?
Here's to 2014!
Onward to 2015!

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