Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In between Troubles and Struggles.

Hello to all!

Since Johnny's next adventure, THE STRUGGLES OF JOHNNY CANNON, comes out in just a few short months (three months and a couple weeks, to be exact), I thought I might give you some insight as to what happened in between the two books.

So, Troubles ended on June 1st, 1961 (which just so happens to be my birthday, twenty years before I was actually born). Struggles picks up three months(ish) later on August 27th. During that time, talks between Kennedy (The US President) and Khrushchev (The Russian Chairman) grew more and more tense, in large part because of JFK's perceived weakness thanks to the Bay of Pigs invasion (remember that?). Because of the tension, Kennedy encouraged Americans to build fallout shelters in case Russia decided to drop nukes. Eventually, just a few days before STRUGGLES picks up the story, Khrushchev ordered a wall to be built that would become the symbol for the separation between America and Russia, the Berlin Wall.

Meanwhile, on July 21, Gus Grissom became the second American to go into space. On August 6, Gherman Titov was the second human to orbit the earth. And, in other uncharted territory news, on June 23, the Antarctic Treaty between the US, the USSR, and several other countries took effect. It was, by a lot of standards, a very exciting time to be alive.

But what about in Cullman, Alabama? Well, during those months between the books, quite a lot of things happen. For instance, Bob Gorman, still irate about what happened over in Colony and how his son responded, has been looking for ways to "tighten up the law" in the area, particularly in the way the Sheriff has been handling the black community. Eddie, on the other hand, has been keeping to himself. Summer has always been time for him and his mom to travel, but they did a lot more than usual over these couple of months, and even Eddie's closest friends (does he have close friend?) haven't really been talking to him at all.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thomassen, Pa, and Carlos have been doing their own thing. Now that Mr. Thomassen has his money back, he's moved on to a new personal goal. He believes the cause of most of the problems back in Cuba was the power held by the mafia and their corruption. And now he sees it taking hold in America. So he has hired Carlos and Pa to do something about it. What exactly? You'll have to read STRUGGLES to find that one out, but they call themselves the Three Caballeros.

But what about our hero and his own little trio? Johnny, Willie, and now Martha have spent the summer doing what kids do best, having fun and making memories. Although, for Johnny, he might not have made the memories he wanted to make, especially when it comes to Martha. But what exactly does that mean? I'll give you one hint as to where you can find that answer.

I hope you'll pick up THE STRUGGLES OF JOHNNY CANNON when it comes out on October 13! Don't forget to pre-order!